handiLite EMPOWERS your Home Inventory

EMPOWERED Home Inventory App — handiLite in Action!

We looked at all the existing home inventory applications …we saw many based on computers…those often used mobile devices for quick data entry…some recommended buying scanning devices for bar code reading… We thought we could do better…to pull ALL the functionality needed into a Mobile Device… we wanted to create a whole new class of apps – those that do everything needed to help the user in day-to-day life. Our first decision was to develop the interface entirely around a Mobile device. What sense does it make to base your home inventory on a desktop or even a laptop these days…lets say you experience a catastrophic loss — theft/flood/fire/tornado — what are the odds that you will grab your computer vs your mobile device? In such an event, you would immediately have ALL of your information at hand to immediately start an insurance claim. And with cloud backups, a typical Mobile device can be totally reconstituted in a short time versus totally rebuilding your computer.

Now, check out handiLite in action and compare it to what you thought a home inventory app should be…


Active Home Inventory – handiLite v1.5 includes BarCode Scan!

Now with Bar Code Scanning serial numbers & advanced data sorting!

Don’t settle for just Home Inventory apps…the handi portfolio of apps use that inventory information to enable quick and accurate ONE-TOUCH WEB searches – part shopping to manuals… also included are calendar reminders, robust NOTES, and printing from most all views (requires an AirPrint printer).

Remember, Home Inventory is important; Active Home Inventory handiLite is EMPOWERING!!

handiLite will help you manage your stuff!

Home Inventory & Management app – handiLite V1.1 Update available!

handiLite v1.1 released

What a great first two weeks since our launch! Strong Domestic & International downloads reinforce the belief that our simplistic and minimal interface coupled with sophisticated information search & gathering software, Notes, Calendar reminders and AirPrint capabilities translates well to the needs of every user.

The first update to our FREE Home Inventory & Management app,  handiLite,  includes several features requested by our USERS from 7 countries throughout the world. Those updates include:

  1. Added contact and URL page to the HELP system.
  2. Added Make/Model/Type to DateStamp in Notes field for added documentation on printouts. (user request)
  3. Increased character count maximum in the Notes from 250 to 600.
  4. Currency symbol in Asset Summary screen now tied to the device’s region. (international user request).

We continue to further our vision of creating apps that actually work for you…to take advantage of our mobile device’s capabilities and lessen the stress and aggravation of running our homes.

You deserve more than just a Home Inventory app…Let handi Help!

Home Inventory on Steroids! handiLite is LAUNCHED!!!

Home Inventory with more fuctionality: handiLite

Like home inventory applications, our FREE app, handiLite, catalogs your household contents; with supporting photos, dealer and warranty contacts.

handiLite combines home inventory with “Life Cycle Management” helping the homeowner or renter manage the complex array of Appliances, Systems and Equipment found in today’s homes.

Beyond the typical home inventory app, handiLite technology provides accurate and fast access to consumable purchases (filters, ink cartridges), replacement parts and information (manuals/how-to videos). Manuals (PDF format) can not only be viewed and printed, but saved locally.

handiLite also integrates iOS Calendar reminders and has a  notes capability with date/time stamping.

Lastly, almost every function of handiLite can be printed to an AirPrint printer.

handiLite will accept up to 5 records and 250 characters in the Notes field all other functions are included.

for more than appliances…

Home Inventory – handi does more!

We have gotten user feedback sharing ingenious ways of applying handi’s active search and other core functions. While designed around the management of a home’s appliances, equipment and systems, handi excels at one-touch internet access such as shopping or seeking information. So impressed we were with the various ways, we created the following short video for you. Consider the different ways that you could use handi and let us know!!



BETA tester on comparing her Home Inventory app to handi.

Home Inventory

I had started using a popular Home Inventory app on my iPhone a couple years ago. It had all the bells and whistles…bar code scanning, many classifications categories, ability to group, sorting…yadda yadda yadda. I soon realized that with all the time that taken on entering my appliances I rarely used the app…couldn’t print from it — had to buy a companion app for my laptop to do so….and all the while I am busting out at the seams keeping on replacing filters, toner and ink, blades and the like….entirely from the same iPhone that this Inventory app was sleeping on….so when I was asked to become a part of the handi BETA test group for this new Home Life Cycle Management app, I was excited but didn’t get my hopes up…there were so many seemingly different things that it needed to do from my perspective.

Well, simply put, handi met and EXCEEDED my expectations…gone are the days of bouncing in and out of my home inventory app with a model number…with handi once you enter an appliance (and sports equipment like I have) WEB shopping for parts, finding information (manuals/how-to videos) is both trivial and instantaneous!!! I now set reminders like servicing my lawn mower and dirt bike. Those two were always a guess as to the last time it was done.

I look forward to the launch on the App store and was happy that I was involved in the BETA testing.

Home Inventory handi – under the hood….

Home inventory (HI) programs accomplish one common fundamental task. They provide a repository of information for your gadgets, equipment and the like. Some take the categorization to a very fine granularity. Most users rarely, if ever, revisit the app. We saw an opportunity to evolve the home inventory market and created handi to be an ACTIVE tool that actually does stuff for you.

Many HI apps employ code scanning – we benchmarked the impact of 10,000 lines of code versus the return for our customers. We noted that such scanning only provided the serial number of a product. Some QCodes that we scanned were marketing vehicles that led to the manufacturers web site. So you will not find scanning in handi.

handi is first weapon in your arsenal to help fix/solve/answer issues that the homeowner faces from replacing consumable parts (air/water filters, ink/toner), finding replacement parts to getting access to product manuals. How many times have we been discussing such issues among ourselves when invariably someone jumps on the internet to find something out.

handi is that jumping off point….while collecting all the home inventory information that you’d need…. handi takes that data directly as the search criteria for internet searches or shopping expeditions….the key with handi is that you find the correct information without entering basic information such as Make and model, over and over again.

Couple these instant one-touch searches with very robust notes, calendar reminders & printing and you truly have a comprehensive active tool to use as you need… as we say here, “Let Handi Help…”


…a friend’s dilemma…keeping records for a long time

Let handi Help!
Keeping records can be tough….where did I put them?…are they still there?
handi is designed to capture all of your household inventory… while providing
significantly more function….one-touch shopping for parts, manual downloading,
calendar reminders and much more…handi is an active tool to help you run your home.

Keeping Inventory, buying replacement parts and consumables, finding information, downloading manuals, setting calendar reminders and keeping comprehensive notes….handi is the app you need.

We are working on commercial versions of the app for multi-location, multi-users…maintenance departments, rental units upkeep to medical clinics over several locations will all benefit from handiCommercial…keep checking back!

Hello from etrenomics…..we are LIVE!!

After feedback sessions with several user groups and beta testing over the past months,
we are proud to announce that our first app, handi, should be available in the Apple App Store soon!!!
…..we plan to have an ANDROID version in the future.