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handi2 Home Inventory and Maintenance App

Your home is your castle…and keeping it safe and secure requires time and effort. handi2 optimizes your ability to maintain your home through quick and accurate access to information or parts and provide full home inventory capabilities. And, in the event of a loss, the entire record of your home is a simple 1-touch button that exports all contents that you have entered to your insurance agent or whomever you choose by email. One less MAJOR headache after a catastrophic loss!! And you insurance agent will be able to handle your claim without the old-fashioned paper trace and you will have all the backup material you need to cover your loss if ever questioned.

handi2 – make memories!!



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Maintain your Home Maintenance Equipment!

Home Inventory & Maintenance

Your home is a big part of your life. It represents a sizable investment in both time and money. Having an inventory of your possessions is important; maintaining them is equally important. You quickly accumulate an array of outdoor equipment to help your efforts. This equipment is expensive and subject to wear that requires maintenance.


From lawn mowers to snow blowers; roto-tillers to power sprayers, leaf blowers, chain saws and trimmers – they all can have specific maintenance intervals. From oil, filter and spark plugs to blade sharpening and part replacement, you will need to know Mfg/Model and sometimes serial number to find the correct parts. Calendar reminders and a robust notes history on said maintenance would be useful; not to mention record of sale, warranty period and dealer contact info. And don’t forget to use the right product manual.

These are some of the functional requirement goals of our Home Inventory, Maintenance, Repair & Operations app, handi2. It is a FREE download on the App Store, fully functional with limited record storage. Try it and see if it helps you run your home (and keep a full inventory).


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Home Inventory – Is it on your Home Computer??

Device-based Home Inventory = Peace of Mind!

Having an up-to-date home inventory is not only practical but almost essential in many regards. Most see it as a good thing to do for when a catastrophic life event may hit them – such as a storm, fire or flood. It is also beneficial in case of theft or damage. In any case, you will need to supply comprehensive documentation when the  need arises.

Many have chosen the route to do it themselves; typically creating a spreadsheet or text file that may or may not have embedded photos. While it can be done, the nature of a home inventory – large investment up front in time to capture all your important possessions – soon falls victim to disinterest. Rarely do users interact with their home inventory data. And there is the beginning of several fundamental flaws of such an effort.

Issues with Computer-based Home inventories.

Whether done manually or with an app the following computer-based issues should be considered:

  • The app/file is very rarely revisited – you run the risk of forgetting the file name/location.
  • The app/file does not make it during a computer upgrade or issue – the typical backup/restore issues.
  • The app/file may or may not be stored in the cloud or in a safe location.
  • The computer with the information could be destroyed or damaged in the loss event.
  • Many computer-based HI apps use smart phones as a data collection device – to acquire photos and info. Most data manipulation is done on the computer app.

handi2 Philosophy – Use the Inventory Data with your Device

  • Leveraging all the inventory data, our apps provide desktop functionality from devices.
  • We aligned the needs of the homeowner/renter for home/rental Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) support.
  • It is likely that when a catastrophic event happens that users will likely have their device with them as opposed to a computer – even a laptop or tablet – especially if it is a life-threatenting instant evacuation requirement.
  • Taking the inventory data, warranty status, fire/smoke detector expirations are monitored.
  • Up to 3 photos of each asset are recorded.
  • Warranty/Extended warranty dates and contacts are secured.
  • Initial asset summary screen can be sorted over several dimensions.
  • Entire summary data can be outputted to a CSV file – spreadsheet portability that can be opeoned directly on Windows/MAC computers or other devices.
  • Time/Date stamped notes entered in a separate view-controller. Keeps a history of asset repairs/issues. These notes can be printed from the device.
  • Asset summary page can be easily printed.
  • Calendar reminder utility to set maintenance intervals.
  • 1-touch replacement parts – from the asset screen, one touch passes asset make & model info to immediately find the correct part for the asset.
  • 1-touch WEB info search – from the asset screen, one touch passes asset make & model info to immediately find information for the asset – easily track down videos, manuals. Manuals can be printed or saved locally (iOS only) for future reference.
  • Comprehensive HELP manual included – can also be printed.

Enjoy our latest video that addresses these issues:


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handi2 – Home Inventory, Maintenance/Repair/Operations v2.5 released!

Now a FREE Download!

handi2 – Home Inventory, Maintenance/Repair/Operations v2.5 released! Now a FREE download (fully functional storing 6 records/700 character notes) with 3 tiered In-app upgrades to suit users capacity needs. Simple, fast and accurate with desktop-grade convenience functions (Sorting/Printing/HELP), handi2 will help you run, track and document your home and possessions. Currently available for iOS only


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Home Inventory app handi2 NEW FEATURES

Xport data now available!

We have just released v2.4 of our Home Inventory & MRO (Maintenance/repair/Operations)  app – handi2. Included in this release is Xport; summary information exported to a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file that can be opened on Windows or MAC machines as a text file or a spreadsheet. Also included in this release is a comprehensive PDF HELP manual (can be printed) and a quick-look summary bar that totals the # of items and purchase price. We also added over 20 new types as a result of user feedback. handi2 v2.4 is available on the Apple App store for both iPhone and iPad.




handiVault now has over 9200 Firearm Archery & Optics Models

v1.2 Adds Over 2000 Firearm and Optics Models

Data Warehouse > 9200 models

Version 1.1 had 153 mfgs with 5268 models. Version1.2 adds 39 new firearm manufacturers, adds new models to 3 existing. Total v1.2 firearm increases 1,737 from 5268 v1.1 to 7005 v1.2. 11 firearm optics mfgs with 302 new models were added. 


  • handiVault is an iOS application that provides a quick and simple method to document the array of firearms, optics and archery equipment for the Outdoor Sportsman. 
  • Integrated data warehouses facilitate equipment entry.
  • Xport function emails summary data in CSV text format – can be opened on Windows or MAC machines as either a text file or as a spreadsheet data table.
  • Integrated Sorting, AirPrint and WEB searches further differentiate handiVault over other applications.

handiVault v1.1 Released – Now Exports summary datafile via Email!

handiVault iOS App

Firearm/Archery Management – over 7000 models included!

v1.1 of handiVault is now available on the App Store. NEW FEATURE in this version is ‘Xport.’ This will create a CSV (comma separated values) datafile attached to an email. This file may be opened as text or a spreadsheet table on either WINDOWs or a MAC.

In loss event, this Xport function gives users immediate documentation of their firearms/archery/optics equipment. This function will be migrating to handi2, the companion HOME inventory app. If a homeowner or renter should experience a catastrophic loss of possessions, handiVault and hand2 would be tools to immediately provide record of loss.








New Release – handiVault 1.0 – Outdoor Sportsman Equipment Manager

7000 Models Included

Outdoor Sportsmen build up impressive collections of equipment to support their hobby. Substantial investments are made. Keeping track of this equipment is now much easier with the release of handiVault!

Tracking this data has a practical application as well…in the case of a standard homeowners/renters policy, loss due to theft of firearms is capped at a relatively low level. Firearm loss coverage above this level typically requires additional coverage (check with your policy/agent). Insurers likely will ask for a list of your firearms (make/model/value) to determine coverage levels.

Many states REQUIRE firearm loss reporting within a certain timeframe once the loss is discovered. These LEGAL requirements likely will include make/model/value/SERIAL NUMBER.

handiVault is immediately responsive to insurers or local law enforcement in such events.

With its quick SELECTOR mode of equipment entry that pulls data from over 7000 firearm/archery/optics models, to printing of all views, one-touch WEB searches for device-specific information or ammunition and data sorting (Make, Type, Purchase Data and Price) handiVault is yet another tool from etrenomics to help users with their daily lives.

handiVault 1.0 includes:

  •  390+ Archery models  from 22 mfgs.
  • 180+ Archery Optics models  from 24 mfgs.
  • 5200+ Firearm models from 153  mfgs.
  • 1300+ Firearm Optics  from 29 mfgs


handiVault 1.0 is free to download and stores 3 records. Record upgrade is available as an in-app purchase.

Are your Smoke Detectors Compliant with the NFPA?

handi2 Home Inventory Apps helps you comply with the NFPA

How often should the smoke alarms in your home be replaced? If you don’t know, you’re not alone. A national survey conducted by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) shows that nine out of 10 Americans don’t know how often smoke alarms need to be replaced. The correct answer: every 10 years.

Key survey findings*

  • Half of Americans (50 percent) have three or more smoke alarms in their current home.
  • Almost one in five Americans who have smoke alarms (19 percent) say the oldest smoke alarm they currently have in their home is 10+ years old.
  • Nearly one in five Americans who have smoke alarms (18 percent) are not at all sure how old the oldest smoke alarm they currently have in their home is.
  • When asked how often they should replace smoke alarms, nine in 10 Americans (90 percent) did not select the correct answer, which is once every 10 years.





Active Home Inventory App – User Downloads break 2000!

With 500 new users in last 7 days; handi2 & handiLite downloads combine for over 2000 users!

On September 13th, we announced our 1500th download and today we can share that we have added another 5oo+. We welcome our new users and appreciate the continued interest in our apps. Our $2 discount on handi2 remains until Sept 29.

thanks to all!