Are your Smoke Detectors Compliant with the NFPA?

handi2 Home Inventory Apps helps you comply with the NFPA

How often should the smoke alarms in your home be replaced? If you don’t know, you’re not alone. A national survey conducted by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) shows that nine out of 10 Americans don’t know how often smoke alarms need to be replaced. The correct answer: every 10 years.

Key survey findings*

  • Half of Americans (50 percent) have three or more smoke alarms in their current home.
  • Almost one in five Americans who have smoke alarms (19 percent) say the oldest smoke alarm they currently have in their home is 10+ years old.
  • Nearly one in five Americans who have smoke alarms (18 percent) are not at all sure how old the oldest smoke alarm they currently have in their home is.
  • When asked how often they should replace smoke alarms, nine in 10 Americans (90 percent) did not select the correct answer, which is once every 10 years.





Active Home Inventory App – User Downloads break 2000!

With 500 new users in last 7 days; handi2 & handiLite downloads combine for over 2000 users!

On September 13th, we announced our 1500th download and today we can share that we have added another 5oo+. We welcome our new users and appreciate the continued interest in our apps. Our $2 discount on handi2 remains until Sept 29.

thanks to all!




Hurricane Disaster Relief

handi2 price discounted to $2.99 Sept 15-30th

We have had some feedback that our recent FREE offering for handi2 got to users in harms way. We hope that the many others who downloaded it took the time to  donate the $4.99 regular price to the American Red Cross or any other recognized charity.

While balancing running a business with our social responsibility core beliefs, we have lowered our price for handi2 from $4.99 to $2.99 until the end of September. Again we hope that those who take advantage of this price reduction and are not affected by these disasters will consider a donation.

For those affected; we hope that our apps may help you and at least minimize the stress of providing documentation for your losses.



50% increase in USERS in last 8 days!

Over 1500 downloads from 16 Countries

handiLite and handi2 have combined over 500 downloads since the 1,000 threshold was reached 8 days ago on September 5th.

Our continued wishes for a speedy recovery to the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. We’d like to think that our apps may be working to help those affected.



Hurricane Irma

etrenomics offers iOS app handi2 for free on Sept 7&8.

We are a small, family startup with a vision to help home/apartment owners not only document their home inventory but to actively maintain it. The key word is ‘help’. We have decided with our investors to offer our $4.99 home inventory app, handi2, for free. With it you can document up to 50 items on your iOS mobile device and be able to provide documentation to FEMA or your insurance carrier immediately.

While intended to help those in the path of hurricane Irma to quickly document their home/apartment contents, we are placing no restrictions but ask that if you are not affected by Irma that you consider a donation to the US Red Cross at least in the amount of $4.99.

The price adjustment has been submitted to Apple and should take affect later today and will be a FREE download on Sept 7 & Sept 8.

Our sincere hope that those in Irma’s path protect their lives and loved ones (and please don’t forget your pets).




We extend our wishes for hope to the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Epic Rains & Flooding

Our hearts go out to all those affected in this historic storm event in Texas. We encourage all to donate as they may through verified charities on the WEB. This will be a long process to rebuild…for now we must take care of our brothers and sisters and their families…provide them with the basics of food, clothing and most importantly, hope and dignity. We have our challenges in our country but we also do have our moments of greatness… let’s choose to be great.



handiLite 1-week App Download Record – 464!

handiLite generates 464 downloads in 1 week!!!

We are very happy to report this exciting week of downloads for us…we have learned that summer is a slow period for iOS app downloads so this is great news. Also, we have added our 8th new country among our download destinations – the UK! Thanks and WELCOME to our 464 NEW users!!!


handi2 Released! Stores 50 records!

handi2 joins our FREE app handiLite.

We are happy to announce that our first paid app, handi2, has been released and is available on the Apple App store. handiLite has also been updated including a data export function that will allow Lite users to send their data to handi2. Our on going commitment to provide Mobile-based, Active Home Inventory apps is gaining attention in the app store.

We are also happy to share that, for the first time, we exceeded 250 new downloads in 1 WEEK! Those downloads represent users in 7 countries.

Enjoy our v2.0 release video below.

handiLite FREE; up to 6 records

handi2 – up to 50 records:



NFC – Near Field Communications coming (finally) to iOS 11 to be integrated into handi apps

handiLite Home Inventory app to Adopt NFC (Near Field Communications) embracing the Internet of Things (IoT).


Embracing the concept of creating apps that “work for you,” we are starting the integration of Near Field Communications (NFC) into our apps. We envision that this will expedite the initial setup of appliances by instantly providing Manufacturer, Model and serial number, the rest of the important data – purchase record, dealer contact, warranty contact information will be entered as it is now. However, we will have an eye on the future and envision a “NFC handler app” that would run and work in concert with our app. We see opportunity in the integration of NFC into our soon to be released COMMERCIAL version that would provide landlords with multi-site, multi units rentals interesting capabilities. This may also apply to small business owners and Medical clinics.