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Home Inventory & Maintenance

Your home is a big part of your life. It represents a sizable investment in both time and money. Having an inventory of your possessions is important; maintaining them is equally important. You quickly accumulate an array of outdoor equipment to help your efforts. This equipment is expensive and subject to wear that requires maintenance.


From lawn mowers to snow blowers; roto-tillers to power sprayers, leaf blowers, chain saws and trimmers – they all can have specific maintenance intervals. From oil, filter and spark plugs to blade sharpening and part replacement, you will need to know Mfg/Model and sometimes serial number to find the correct parts. Calendar reminders and a robust notes history on said maintenance would be useful; not to mention record of sale, warranty period and dealer contact info. And don’t forget to use the right product manual.

These are some of the functional requirement goals of our Home Inventory, Maintenance, Repair & Operations app, handi2. It is a FREE download on the App Store, fully functional with limited record storage. Try it and see if it helps you run your home (and keep a full inventory).


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