Home Inventory – Is it on your Home Computer??

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Device-based Home Inventory = Peace of Mind!

Having an up-to-date home inventory is not only practical but almost essential in many regards. Most see it as a good thing to do for when a catastrophic life event may hit them – such as a storm, fire or flood. It is also beneficial in case of theft or damage. In any case, you will need to supply comprehensive documentation when the ┬áneed arises.

Many have chosen the route to do it themselves; typically creating a spreadsheet or text file that may or may not have embedded photos. While it can be done, the nature of a home inventory – large investment up front in time to capture all your important possessions – soon falls victim to disinterest. Rarely do users interact with their home inventory data. And there is the beginning of several fundamental flaws of such an effort.

Issues with Computer-based Home inventories.

Whether done manually or with an app the following computer-based issues should be considered:

  • The app/file is very rarely revisited – you run the risk of forgetting the file name/location.
  • The app/file does not make it during a computer upgrade or issue – the typical backup/restore issues.
  • The app/file may or may not be stored in the cloud or in a safe location.
  • The computer with the information could be destroyed or damaged in the loss event.
  • Many computer-based HI apps use smart phones as a data collection device – to acquire photos and info. Most data manipulation is done on the computer app.

handi2 Philosophy – Use the Inventory Data with your Device

  • Leveraging all the inventory data, our apps provide desktop functionality from devices.
  • We aligned the needs of the homeowner/renter for home/rental Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) support.
  • It is likely that when a catastrophic event happens that users will likely have their device with them as opposed to a computer – even a laptop or tablet – especially if it is a life-threatenting instant evacuation requirement.
  • Taking the inventory data, warranty status, fire/smoke detector expirations are monitored.
  • Up to 3 photos of each asset are recorded.
  • Warranty/Extended warranty dates and contacts are secured.
  • Initial asset summary screen can be sorted over several dimensions.
  • Entire summary data can be outputted to a CSV file – spreadsheet portability that can be opeoned directly on Windows/MAC computers or other devices.
  • Time/Date stamped notes entered in a separate view-controller. Keeps a history of asset repairs/issues. These notes can be printed from the device.
  • Asset summary page can be easily printed.
  • Calendar reminder utility to set maintenance intervals.
  • 1-touch replacement parts – from the asset screen, one touch passes asset make & model info to immediately find the correct part for the asset.
  • 1-touch WEB info search – from the asset screen, one touch passes asset make & model info to immediately find information for the asset – easily track down videos, manuals. Manuals can be printed or saved locally (iOS only) for future reference.
  • Comprehensive HELP manual included – can also be printed.

Enjoy our latest video that addresses these issues:


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