Home Inventory app handi2 NEW FEATURES

Xport data now available!

We have just released v2.4 of our Home Inventory & MRO (Maintenance/repair/Operations)  app – handi2. Included in this release is Xport; summary information exported to a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file that can be opened on Windows or MAC machines as a text file or a spreadsheet. Also included in this release is a comprehensive PDF HELP manual (can be printed) and a quick-look summary bar that totals the # of items and purchase price. We also added over 20 new types as a result of user feedback. handi2 v2.4 is available on the Apple App store for both iPhone and iPad.




handiVault now has over 9200 Firearm Archery & Optics Models

v1.2 Adds Over 2000 Firearm and Optics Models

Data Warehouse > 9200 models

Version 1.1 had 153 mfgs with 5268 models. Version1.2 adds 39 new firearm manufacturers, adds new models to 3 existing. Total v1.2 firearm increases 1,737 from 5268 v1.1 to 7005 v1.2. 11 firearm optics mfgs with 302 new models were added. 


  • handiVault is an iOS application that provides a quick and simple method to document the array of firearms, optics and archery equipment for the Outdoor Sportsman. 
  • Integrated data warehouses facilitate equipment entry.
  • Xport function emails summary data in CSV text format – can be opened on Windows or MAC machines as either a text file or as a spreadsheet data table.
  • Integrated Sorting, AirPrint and WEB searches further differentiate handiVault over other applications.