handiVault v1.1 Released – Now Exports summary datafile via Email!

handiVault iOS App

Firearm/Archery Management – over 7000 models included!

v1.1 of handiVault is now available on the App Store. NEW FEATURE in this version is ‘Xport.’ This will create a CSV (comma separated values) datafile attached to an email. This file may be opened as text or a spreadsheet table on either WINDOWs or a MAC.

In loss event, this Xport function gives users immediate documentation of their firearms/archery/optics equipment. This function will be migrating to handi2, the companion HOME inventory app. If a homeowner or renter should experience a catastrophic loss of possessions, handiVault and hand2 would be tools to immediately provide record of loss.








New Release – handiVault 1.0 – Outdoor Sportsman Equipment Manager

7000 Models Included

Outdoor Sportsmen build up impressive collections of equipment to support their hobby. Substantial investments are made. Keeping track of this equipment is now much easier with the release of handiVault!

Tracking this data has a practical application as well…in the case of a standard homeowners/renters policy, loss due to theft of firearms is capped at a relatively low level. Firearm loss coverage above this level typically requires additional coverage (check with your policy/agent). Insurers likely will ask for a list of your firearms (make/model/value) to determine coverage levels.

Many states REQUIRE firearm loss reporting within a certain timeframe once the loss is discovered. These LEGAL requirements likely will include make/model/value/SERIAL NUMBER.

handiVault is immediately responsive to insurers or local law enforcement in such events.

With its quick SELECTOR mode of equipment entry that pulls data from over 7000 firearm/archery/optics models, to printing of all views, one-touch WEB searches for device-specific information or ammunition and data sorting (Make, Type, Purchase Data and Price) handiVault is yet another tool from etrenomics to help users with their daily lives.

handiVault 1.0 includes:

  •  390+ Archery models  from 22 mfgs.
  • 180+ Archery Optics models  from 24 mfgs.
  • 5200+ Firearm models from 153  mfgs.
  • 1300+ Firearm Optics  from 29 mfgs


handiVault 1.0 is free to download and stores 3 records. Record upgrade is available as an in-app purchase.