Hurricane Irma

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etrenomics offers iOS app handi2 for free on Sept 7&8.

We are a small, family startup with a vision to help home/apartment owners not only document their home inventory but to actively maintain it. The key word is ‘help’. We have decided with our investors to offer our $4.99 home inventory app, handi2, for free. With it you can document up to 50 items on your iOS mobile device and be able to provide documentation to FEMA or your insurance carrier immediately.

While intended to help those in the path of hurricane Irma to quickly document their home/apartment contents, we are placing no restrictions but ask that if you are not affected by Irma that you consider a donation to the US Red Cross at least in the amount of $4.99.

The price adjustment has been submitted to Apple and should take affect later today and will be a FREE download on Sept 7 & Sept 8.

Our sincere hope that those in Irma’s path protect their lives and loved ones (and please don’t forget your pets).




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