We extend our wishes for hope to the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Epic Rains & Flooding

Our hearts go out to all those affected in this historic storm event in Texas. We encourage all to donate as they may through verified charities on the WEB. This will be a long process to rebuild…for now we must take care of our brothers and sisters and their families…provide them with the basics of food, clothing and most importantly, hope and dignity. We have our challenges in our country but we also do have our moments of greatness… let’s choose to be great.



handiLite 1-week App Download Record – 464!

handiLite generates 464 downloads in 1 week!!!

We are very happy to report this exciting week of downloads for us…we have learned that summer is a slow period for iOS app downloads so this is great news. Also, we have added our 8th new country among our download destinations – the UK! Thanks and WELCOME to our 464 NEW users!!!


handi2 Released! Stores 50 records!

handi2 joins our FREE app handiLite.

We are happy to announce that our first paid app, handi2, has been released and is available on the Apple App store. handiLite has also been updated including a data export function that will allow Lite users to send their data to handi2. Our on going commitment to provide Mobile-based, Active Home Inventory apps is gaining attention in the app store.

We are also happy to share that, for the first time, we exceeded 250 new downloads in 1 WEEK! Those downloads represent users in 7 countries.

Enjoy our v2.0 release video below.

handiLite FREE; up to 6 records

handi2 – up to 50 records: