NFC – Near Field Communications coming (finally) to iOS 11 to be integrated into handi apps

handiLite Home Inventory app to Adopt NFC (Near Field Communications) embracing the Internet of Things (IoT).


Embracing the concept of creating apps that “work for you,” we are starting the integration of Near Field Communications (NFC) into our apps. We envision that this will expedite the initial setup of appliances by instantly providing Manufacturer, Model and serial number, the rest of the important data – purchase record, dealer contact, warranty contact information will be entered as it is now. However, we will have an eye on the future and envision a “NFC handler app” that would run and work in concert with our app. We see opportunity in the integration of NFC into our soon to be released COMMERCIAL version that would provide landlords with multi-site, multi units rentals interesting capabilities. This may also apply to small business owners and Medical clinics.


handiLite v1.6 released!

Free Home Inventory Automation with the latest handiLite Release: v1.6!   

Adds data record Change Alert and Saved location selection

Since our April 8th launch, we have continued to improve the user experience on our free app - handiLite. Conceived out of the necessity to keep their homes running and possessions documented, handiLite continues to penetrate the home inventory application market segment as a truly innovative application differentiated through functional utility never before seen in such an app.

The fundamental design goal was to provide near-desktop functionality on a mobile device. To achieve that goal, we set ourselves in the mindset of a typical user. What are the on-going issues in running our home and its appliances, systems and equipment?

  1. Documentation for the purpose of loss; whether through theft or a loss event.
  2. Have certain information available to support buying parts or to find information on the WEB (manuals/ how-to videos).
  3. Keep notes and set calendar reminders for periodic maintenance - power equipment oil/filter changes, damage replacements, etc.

Incidental to all of these issues is the ability to quickly view or PRINT the information. Imagine the catastrophic loss of your home to fire, tornado or flood. Having everything with you on your MOBILE device will be a significant jump on the recovery effort.

For this v1.6 release, we have included two
features from our COMMERCIAL app development specification:

  1. Data record Change alert - monitors any changes to a data record and alerts the user if they try to exit without saving.
  2. Location is now entered from a separate view controller where all existing locations are presented as selections or a new location may e entered. This assures data uniformity and speeds data entry.


Home Inventory + fast & accurate parts/manuals, calendar reminders and Printing all from your Mobile Device!

Active Home Inventory with our FREE app – handiLite

Keeping Insurance/Warranty Records is just the Start!

handiLite was created to provide users an active management tool for the operations of their homes/rentals/vacation properties. Able to capture photos, dates, descriptions and contact information, handiLite takes all that “home inventory” data to the next level. And that next level is putting it to work for you with 1-touch WEB access.  Not unlike what we all do almost daily — jumping onto the WEB to buy or find something. Able to locate the correct parts/information (from stored info) almost instantaneously, handiLite is THE Go-To Tool to help you run your home…or apartment…or workshop…or sports equipment collection…

Users (close to 300 users registered on from 7 countries have shared their unique application of handiLite beyond home inventory…a user in Europe is tracking his botanical efforts with plant hybridization; another user captured his expensive baseball equipment and yet another, his extensive fishing tackle collection. One user has his Air Jordans documented for posterity.

Whether to support a traditional loss event with your insurance company (sure is nice knowing that you can print most everything directly from the app) or to keep notes, create calendar reminders (when did you last change the oil in the mower?) or quickly replace inkjet cartridges (how many printers do you have?) handiLite is available immediately.

Being based on mobile devices — assure that you will always have access to this data…what sense would it make if you still used out-dated desktop inventory apps and run the risk of loosing your computer to a home catastrophe…chances are you will always have your mobile device. And, with cloud backups, a totally lost mobile device can be reconstituted in hours…how long would it take to rebuild your desktop/notebook computer…(where are those install discs?)

Check our user reviews near the end of this 2 ½ minute video…

THANKS to ALL registered users — we continue to grow at an exciting rate!!