handiLite EMPOWERS your Home Inventory

EMPOWERED Home Inventory App — handiLite in Action!

We looked at all the existing home inventory applications …we saw many based on computers…those often used mobile devices for quick data entry…some recommended buying scanning devices for bar code reading… We thought we could do better…to pull ALL the functionality needed into a Mobile Device… we wanted to create a whole new class of apps – those that do everything needed to help the user in day-to-day life. Our first decision was to develop the interface entirely around a Mobile device. What sense does it make to base your home inventory on a desktop or even a laptop these days…lets say you experience a catastrophic loss — theft/flood/fire/tornado — what are the odds that you will grab your computer vs your mobile device? In such an event, you would immediately have ALL of your information at hand to immediately start an insurance claim. And with cloud backups, a typical Mobile device can be totally reconstituted in a short time versus totally rebuilding your computer.

Now, check out handiLite in action and compare it to what you thought a home inventory app should be…


Active Home Inventory – handiLite v1.5 includes BarCode Scan!

Now with Bar Code Scanning serial numbers & advanced data sorting!

Don’t settle for just Home Inventory apps…the handi portfolio of apps use that inventory information to enable quick and accurate ONE-TOUCH WEB searches – part shopping to manuals… also included are calendar reminders, robust NOTES, and printing from most all views (requires an AirPrint printer).

Remember, Home Inventory is important; Active Home Inventory handiLite is EMPOWERING!!

handiLite will help you manage your stuff!