Home Inventory & Management app – handiLite V1.1 Update available!

handiLite v1.1 released

What a great first two weeks since our launch! Strong Domestic & International downloads reinforce the belief that our simplistic and minimal interface coupled with sophisticated information search & gathering software, Notes, Calendar reminders and AirPrint capabilities translates well to the needs of every user.

The first update to our FREE Home Inventory & Management app,  handiLite,  includes several features requested by our USERS from 7 countries throughout the world. Those updates include:

  1. Added contact and URL page to the HELP system.
  2. Added Make/Model/Type to DateStamp in Notes field for added documentation on printouts. (user request)
  3. Increased character count maximum in the Notes from 250 to 600.
  4. Currency symbol in Asset Summary screen now tied to the device’s region. (international user request).

We continue to further our vision of creating apps that actually work for you…to take advantage of our mobile device’s capabilities and lessen the stress and aggravation of running our homes.

You deserve more than just a Home Inventory app…Let handi Help!

Home Inventory on Steroids! handiLite is LAUNCHED!!!

Home Inventory with more fuctionality: handiLite

Like home inventory applications, our FREE app, handiLite, catalogs your household contents; with supporting photos, dealer and warranty contacts.

handiLite combines home inventory with “Life Cycle Management” helping the homeowner or renter manage the complex array of Appliances, Systems and Equipment found in today’s homes.

Beyond the typical home inventory app, handiLite technology provides accurate and fast access to consumable purchases (filters, ink cartridges), replacement parts and information (manuals/how-to videos). Manuals (PDF format) can not only be viewed and printed, but saved locally.

handiLite also integrates iOS Calendar reminders and has a  notes capability with date/time stamping.

Lastly, almost every function of handiLite can be printed to an AirPrint printer.

handiLite will accept up to 5 records and 250 characters in the Notes field all other functions are included.