the first ACTIVE Home Inventory App!!

Mobile-based Active Engagement Technology (one-button touch parts/manuals) obsoletes the standard Home Inventory App 

Desktop Functionality on Your Mobile Device

Combining its integrated active search and information capture technology with inventory management, handi pulls all of your information together in a simple and intuitive interface.

Don’t Settle for once and done Inventory Apps…

From consumable replacement - buying ink cartridges to refrigerator filters to replacement parts or finding, printing and saving manuals and viewing How-To videos, handi is the app to use.

Simple & Fast

With handi's auto-complete search criteria, quick and accurate WEB searches are assured. Lastly, handi provides Summary sorts and Printing of all views.

A Complete Solution for your Home’s functional needs

With its intuitive organization of information, efficient data management, native iOS functionality, handi not only INVENTORIES your home but helps you RUN it.